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That They May Learn With Joy

I absolutely love this CD. I play it every Sunday. The scriptures come to life which helps me relate them to my life. I have two friends who are very sick with cancer, and I decided that the gifts of song and scripture, that could bring the Spirit into their homes, were some of the best gifts I could give them. I hope you will make more.

Nila , CA

So incredibly beautiful. I can’t believe this gorgeous music fits these scriptures so perfectly. All the different arrangements, vocals… just everything is wonderful. 2nd Nephi 2:25 is precious, the harmony on Moroni 7:16-17 is gorgeous, and the melody on 2 Nephi 28:7-9 is absolutely perfect for the words of the scripture. Wow.

Joanna, UT

Our primary president came over with an invitation for the baptism preview for my son and she gave him your CD along with it. Love it!!

Heather, UT

Thank you! I bought your CD’s for my brothers and sisters for Christmas and opened mine early! It is amazing and it changed the mood in the car as well as my heart!

Kara, WA

I’m at work again today with one of these scripture songs stuck in my head. My wife has been playing them on her computer each night, and by osmosis I have been learning all of the songs! Can you do whole chapters next time? Maybe I could count that as my scripture study!

Adam, CA

I listened to Sing Me A Scripture on my long flight to Hong Kong. It was so enjoyable and brought such a sense of peace.

Andi, WA

I have your CD in my car playing all the time. I couldn’t find it this morning because my 12 year old had taken it up to her room. She was listening to it with her sister by her side. Thank you for your inspired music!

Andrea, UT

“I am a big fan of Kamie’s songs! Her writing is fresh and exciting, and I have thoroughly enjoyed discovering her music. It’s been a pleasure to work with her as an arranger on different projects, and I expect to see her name a lot more in the future.”

Tyler Castleton Award-winning Songwriter and Producer

“Kamie’s music reveals excellent imagination and musical intuition.”

Rosalind Hall BYU Men's Chorus Director and former Music Department Chair of The Waterford School

“Kamie Bolen is not just a talented pianist and composer – she has an amazing gift for bringing out the feeling and power of music. Her sincere desire to lift, inspire, and teach others through music is reflected in the incredible work she does.”

Jenny Phillips Award-winning LDS Songwriter and Recording Artist