Kamie Jacobs Bolen is best known for her “Sing Me A Scripture” series, her annual Primary theme CD, and her musical arrangements for LDS artist Jenny Phillips. She also enjoys writing piano solos, children’s music, and inspirational songs that educate or tell a story.

Here’s what she’s been up to in recent years:

2010 – Kamie’s song “Here Am I” is performed at the Relief Society Music Festival at Temple Square in Salt Lake City and is published on lds.org. (Also available on the Free Downloads page of this site.) Kamie receives an award at the LDS Music Industry Workshop and Songwriting Competition for her musical tale, “The Annual Dinosaur Ball”, and while there, meets Jenny Phillips. She writes six arrangements for Jenny’s next three albums, and has a baby. (Her first in 8 years!)

2011 – Kamie writes four arrangements for Jenny, and together they host the Young Singer/Songwriter Workshop and Vocal Competition (for kids ages 8-15) at the Bolen’s home. Kamie’s song “Rooms” is performed at the Relief Society Music Festival at Temple Square and is acquired for publication on lds.org. (Available on the Free Downloads page of this site.) She writes and produces her first album, “Sing Me A Scripture: The Book of Mormon — Volume I”. She produces her first video and creates two websites — singmeascripture.com and kamiebolen.com.

2012 – Kamie writes and produces her 2nd album “I Am a Child of God: Songs for Primary”. Her song “1 Nephi 3:7″ is acquired for publication on lds.org. She writes “The First Noel” for Jenny’s first Christmas album, and begins writing “Sing Me a Scripture Volume II”.

2013 – Kamie creates a new website, merging her two sites into one. She writes and produces her 3rd album, “Sing Me a Scripture: the Book of Mormon — Volume II”, and releases it in August. She writes and produces her 4th album, “Families Are Forever: Songs for Primary” and releases it two months later. She arranges two songs (“Share His Light” and “Better Than You Think You Are”) for Jenny’s 2014 youth album “Come Unto Christ”.

2014 – Kamie writes and produces her 5th album “I Know My Savior Lives: Songs for Primary”, including the original song “I Know He Lives”, and releases it in October. She writes three original songs for her 6th album “Christmas in a Small Town” and releases it a month later. She arranges the song “Close” for Jenny Phillips’ youth albums entitled “Embark in the Service of God”.

Aside from music, Kamie enjoys running, swimming, traveling, building flower gardens, watching Jane Austen movies and football games, and making guacamole. She lives in Utah with her husband Allen, and their three children.

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Families Are Forever Cover.soft I Know My Savior Lives (cover) Christmas in a Small Town for cover crop

Jenny Phillips’ Albums:

Kamie’s musical arrangements can be found on the following albums at www.jennyphillips.com.

Book/Album: ”Beautiful: A Parable for Women and Young Women” (Song: ”What Matters Most”)

Album: ”Arise and Shine Forth: Songs for Youth 2012″ (Song: ”I Know”)

Album: ”Choose the Right: 2012 Primary Theme CD” (Songs: ”I’m Trying to Be Like Jesus” and “Jesus Once Was a Little Child”)

Album: “We Believe: Songs for Youth 2011″ (Song: “Stay”)

Album: ”I Know the Scriptures Are True: 2011 Primary Theme CD” (Songs: “I Will Follow God’s Plan For Me”, “If I Listen With My Heart”, and “I Love to See the Temple”)

Album: “Sabbath Morning: Music to Prepare You for the Sacrament” (Songs: “Reverently and Meekly Now” and “Sweet Hour of Prayer”)

Audio Talk on CD “Christ-like Mothering” (Song: “No Greater Work”)

Audio Talk on CD: “What Matters Most” (Song: “What Matters Most”)

Book/Album: “Parable of the Princesses” (Song: “What I Came Here to Do”)

Album: ”Back to Bethlehem” (Song: ”The First Noel”)

Album: “Come Unto Christ: Songs for Youth 2014″ (Songs: “Share His Light” and “Better Than You Think You Are”)

Album: “As His Daughter: Music for Relief Society Women” (Song: “No Greater Work”)

Album: “The Jenny Phillips Collection” (Song: “Stay”)

Album: “Hope Is In Him” (Songs: “Better Than You Think You Are” and “Stay”)

Album: “Called to Serve: Music for Missionaries and Future Missionaries” (Songs: “I Know” and “Sweet Hour of Prayer”)

Album: “Firme En La Fe” (Song: “Lo Se”)

Audio Talk on CD: “Finding Joy in Righteous Motherhood” (Songs: “Better Than You Think You Are” and “Stay”)

Album: “Embark in the Service of God” (Song: “Close”)


Song: "No Greater Work"





As His Daughter

The Jenny Phillips Collection Hope is in HimCalled to Serve

Joy in Righteous Motherhood Embark-YM  Embark-YW

Firme En La Fe