Kamie Jacobs Bolen is best known for her annual Primary album, her “Sing Me A Scripture” albums, and her Instagram photography page “theSmilingCamera“.

Here’s what she’s been up to in recent years:
20102012 – Kamie’s songs “Rooms” and “Here Am I” are performed at Temple Square and published on lds.org. The song “1 Nephi 3:7″  is also published on lds.org. She directs her first video, “That They May Learn With Joy”. She meets and begins years of arranging music for Jenny Phillips. Together they host the Young Singer/Songwriter Workshop and Vocal Competition. Kamie produces her first two albums, “Sing Me A Scripture: Vol. I”, as well as her first Primary album.
2013 – Kamie produces her 3rd and 4th albums, “Sing Me a Scripture: Volume II”, and “Families Are Forever: Songs for Primary”.
2014 – Kamie produces her 5th and 6th albums, “I Know My Savior Lives: Songs for Primary”, (including the original song “I Know He Lives”) and “Christmas in a Small Town”, (including three original songs).
2015 – Kamie produces her 7th album, “I Know the Scriptures Are True: Songs for Primary” (including the original song “Press Forward”).
2016 – Kamie produces her 8th album, “Choose the Right: Songs for Primary”, (including an original arrangement of “The Star-Spangled Banner”).
2017 – Kamie produces her 9th album, “I Am a Child of God”.  She starts her photography Instagram page “theSmilingCamera”. Her daughter leaves to serve a mission.

Aside from music, Kamie enjoys running, swimming, photography, traveling, building flower gardens, watching Jane Austen movies and football games, and making guacamole. She lives in Utah with her husband Allen, and their three children.

SMAS-Vol-1-Cover-Newsgraphi COG-ICON smas2-cover

Families Are Forever Cover.soft I Know My Savior Lives (cover) Christmas in a Small Town for cover crop

I-Know-the-Scriptures-are-T choose-the-right-a 2018-Primary-Cover-Final-for-web

Jenny Phillips’ Albums:

Kamie’s musical arrangements can also be found on the following albums at www.jennyphillips.com. (Some titles may currently be out of print.)

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