I Am a Child of God — Songs for Primary

What a busy couple of months it’s been! It’s been a little crazy at my house, sending my daughter off on a mission, finishing up this album and revamping the website to be able to offer Album Download Cards. I’m thrilled that now families can share the music on several devices within the same household!…


I Am A Child of God: Songs for Primary

I’m so excited to announce the release of “I Am a Child of God: Songs for Primary”! Although I’ve been writing Primary arrangements for Jenny Phillips for the past two years, beginning this year, I will now be the one producing it, and I’ve had such fun doing it! The CD is designed to help…

Here-am-I-Newsgraphic publishes “Here Am I”

My song “Here Am I” was performed at the LDS Church’s Relief Society Music Festival at Temple Square in October 2010, and is now available as a free sheet music download on Go to this link:,17631,4796-1,00.html



I released my first album, “Sing Me A Scripture: The Book of Mormon — Volume I” back in November (2011), and it was the most rewarding musical experience I have ever had. It required the contributions of over 100 musicians (of all ages), and was recorded in seven studios in three states.  

New Music Arrangements

My arrangements of “I’m Trying To Be Like Jesus” and “Jesus Once Was a Little Child” can be found on Jenny Phillips’ new album, “Choose the Right: Primary Theme CD 2012”. Also, my arrangement of “I Know” can be found on “Arise and Shine Forth: Songs for Youth 2012”. Both are available at

I know cover

2011 Primary Arrangements & Summer Workshop

Well, the holidays have been extra busy for me, for two reasons! 1. I was thrilled to write 3 arrangements for the new 2011 Primary Theme CD (produced by Jenny Phillips) which was released yesterday. The CD is designed to help kids learn the 2011 songs for the program while listening to all-new musical arrangements….