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Download music onto your computer and share with other devices in the same household.

  • Album Download Cards can be purchased for as little as $2.49 each! Many customers combine orders with the Relief Society, other wards, neighbors or friends to get the lowest bulk pricing, then split the cost.


Below are samples of how to give Download Cards as gifts. Keep in mind that only one gift is needed per family, since the Download Card music is shared with the entire household. Supplies such as ornament balls, clear gift bags, crinkle paper, ribbon and twine can be found at stores like Walmart, Michaels, and Hobby Lobby, as well on
Here are some helpful Amazon links: Clear gift bagsCrinkle paperRibbonOrnament balls. Glue dots. Twine.
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gift card ornament pic        gift card jelly beans

 How to Download Your Music:

  1. Visit the website listed on the back of your Download Card and enter your code. Enter your email to join the mailing list (and receive coupons 3-4 times a year) or choose “No thanks”. Click “Download Now”.
  2. Wait a few minutes for the download to complete. Files should appear in your Downloads folder. If they appear as a zipped folder, you may need to unzip them first to extract the songs. (Right-click on the zipped folder and it should offer something like “unzip”, “extract”, or “decompress files”. Select this option.) You can now share on multiple devices within the same household.
NOTE: If your computer doesn’t automatically load the files into your media player, you can drag them into it. (On some computers it helps to put them in a desktop folder before dragging them over.)


Enjoy the music!