I Know My Savior Lives

I Know My Savior Lives (cover)

I Know My Savior Lives: Songs for Primary

Includes 2 original songs “I Know He Lives” and “Alma 37:6-7”.

  • Help your children learn the 2015 Primary program songs!
  • Perfect for bedtime or anytime you want to bring peace into your home or car.
  • Beautiful new arrangements still keep the same melody and rhythm.
  • Designed not only for younger children, but also for older children and parents.
  • Features the voices of Jenny Phillips, Chad Neth, Kristie Barnhurst, Kamie Jacobs Bolen, a children’s choir, violinist April Moriarty and more!

1. Come, Follow Me (July)
2. Follow the Prophet (March)
3. The Holy Ghost (June)
4. I Know He Lives (Bonus Track)
5. The Church of Jesus Christ (April)
6. I Know That My Savior Loves Me (January)
7. Alma 37:6-7 (Bonus Track)
8. He Sent His Son (February)
9. (Instrumental Track) Come, Follow Me
10. (Instrumental Track) Alma 37:6-7

During May and August, the Primary program includes a song of your choice. These songs are not included on this CD.

 2015 CD insert *All CDs come with a 4-panel CD booklet in a clear vinyl sleeve.


1-4 CDs = $11.98 each

Price: $11.98

5-9 CDs = $4 each

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10-49 CDs = $3 each

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50+ CDs = $2.49 each

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“I Know My Savior Lives” INSTRUMENTAL Album Download

Price: $3.99

*FREE SHEET MUSIC for “Alma 37:6-7” is available on the Free Downloads page. 

*SHEET MUSIC for select songs from this album will also become available as copyright permissions are received in the coming months.