I Know the Scriptures Are True


I Know the Scriptures Are True: Songs for Primary

Sorry, this item is currently out of print. 

Includes 2 original songs “Press Forward” and “2 Nephi 32:3”.

  • Help your children learn the 2016 Primary program songs.
  • Great gifts for ward Primaries, friends, families and neighbors.
  • Perfect for bedtime or anytime you want to bring peace into your home or car.
  • Beautiful new arrangements still keep the same melody and rhythm.
  • Designed not only for younger children, but also for older children and parents.

1. If I Listen With My Heart (January)
2. Stand for the Right (March)
3. 2 Nephi 32:3 (Bonus Track)
4. Praise to the Man (May)
5. I Love to See the Temple (July)
6. Search, Ponder and Pray (Bonus Track)
7. Press Forward (Bonus Track)
8. I Will Follow God’s Plan (February)
9. The Lord Gave Me a Temple (August)
10. (Instrumental Track) 2 Nephi 32:3
11. (Instrumental Track) Praise to the Man
12. (Instrumental Track) Press Forward

During April and June, the Primary program includes a song of your choice. These songs are not included on this CD.

* All CDs come with a 4-panel CD booklet in a clear vinyl sleeve.

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1-4 CDs = $11.98 each


5-9 CDs = $4 each


10-49 CDs = $3 each


50+ CDs = $2.49 each


INSTRUMENTAL Album Download (no words sung)

NOTE: We were unable to acquire instrumental tracks for “Stand for the Right” and “Search, Ponder and Pray” for the instrumental album, which is reflected in the price. The album includes the other 7 songs on the album. 

Price: $2.99

*FREE SHEET MUSIC for “2 Nephi 32:3” is available on the Free Downloads page.

*SHEET MUSIC for select songs from this album will also become available as copyright permissions are received in the coming months.