I Am a Child of God — Songs for Primary

What a busy couple of months it’s been! It’s been a little crazy at my house, sending my daughter off on a mission, finishing up this album and revamping the website to be able to offer Album Download Cards. I’m thrilled that now families can share the music on several devices within the same household!…


Choose the Right: Songs for Primary

This might be my favorite Primary album yet! I love the songs, the artwork, and the fact that SEVERAL things kept going wrong during the production and printing process, and I still got it done. Phew!!  (On a personal note, I especially loved how “The Star-Spangled Banner” turned out. I really felt I should include…


I Know the Scriptures Are True

The 2016 Primary CD “I Know the Scriptures Are True” releases October 5th! This album was SO fun to do! When I found out I was able to use Brandon Dorman’s incredible illustration of Moroni and the Title of Liberty on the CD’s front cover, I knew the album would need an anthem to go…

Christmas in a Small Town for cover crop

Christmas in a Small Town

My first Christmas album will release on November 4th! I have to say, I really enjoy all the albums I work on, but there’s something about Christmas music that’s just magical. I loved the fact that my 16-year-old daughter Katelynn really pushed for this album to happen, and it somehow came together in just a…

I Know My Savior Lives (cover)

I Know My Savior Lives: Songs for Primary

The 2015 Primary album “I Know My Savior Lives: Songs for Primary” will release on October 1st! This was such a fun year for the Primary album! With beautiful cover art by Brandon Dorman and two upbeat arrangements (“Follow the Prophet” and “The Church of Jesus Christ”), I really hope this will be a memorable…

Families Are Forever Cover.soft

“Families Are Forever: Songs for Primary”

My second Primary album, “Families Are Forever: Songs for Primary” will release on Monday, October 7th! It includes several songs I loved singing as a kid, including “He Sent His Son”, “Baptism” and “For the Beauty of the Earth”. I also included a scripture song as a bonus track again this year, (like last year’s…


I Am A Child of God: Songs for Primary

I’m so excited to announce the release of “I Am a Child of God: Songs for Primary”! Although I’ve been writing Primary arrangements for Jenny Phillips for the past two years, beginning this year, I will now be the one producing it, and I’ve had such fun doing it! The CD is designed to help…

Here-am-I-Newsgraphic publishes “Here Am I”

My song “Here Am I” was performed at the LDS Church’s Relief Society Music Festival at Temple Square in October 2010, and is now available as a free sheet music download on Go to this link:,17631,4796-1,00.html



I released my first album, “Sing Me A Scripture: The Book of Mormon — Volume I” back in November (2011), and it was the most rewarding musical experience I have ever had. It required the contributions of over 100 musicians (of all ages), and was recorded in seven studios in three states.