“Families Are Forever: Songs for Primary”

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My second Primary album, “Families Are Forever: Songs for Primary” will release on Monday, October 7th! It includes several songs I loved singing as a kid, including “He Sent His Son”, “Baptism” and “For the Beauty of the Earth”. I also included a scripture song as a bonus track again this year, (like last year’s “1 Nephi 3:7”). It’s “Alma 37:35”, and I’m really excited about how it turned out. Can’t wait for this release!

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  1. Donna Posted on September 27, 2013 at 12:50 am

    So excited to purchase this for our Primary again for next year. Loved the 2013 I Am a Child of God cd. Very useful in our Primary learning for the program. Thanks for all you do.

    Tasmania, Australia

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